Teeth Grinding Relief

Hypnosis for Relief of Teeth Grinding with Jen Wilding
(a.k.a. Bruxism, Teeth Clamping)

Enjoy a Relaxing Self-Hypnosis Meditation with Suggestions for:
– Progressive relaxation of the body
– Progressive relaxation of the mind
– Creating a calm trigger to use to reduce stress during the day & night
– Addressing the unconscious part of you behind the teeth grinding or clamping
– Introducing and rehearsing an easy, alternative action to effectively release unwanted tension in the nervous system
– Experiencing a new sense of ease navigating challenging events that occur in life, for further stress relief

This album, which include an introducton and hypnosis meditation track, is specifically intended for use prior to your night’s sleep.
It will be most effective when used on a regular basis (nightly) for 2-3 weeks. The primary track is 40 minutes in duration and includes soothing background music.

This approach is strictly for reconditioning the unconscious, behavioral part of teeth clenching only, and cannot address structural complications (jaw, teeth) that may contribute to teeth and jaw pain.

Background Music: Excerpt from Hypnotic Trancescapes Volume I – Mystical Forest
@2006 Transform Destiny, Inc. All rights reserved.


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