Weight Loss

Album Notes
Enjoy a Relaxing Self-Hypnosis Meditation with Suggestions for:
– The relaxation of mind and body
– Developing a healthy relationship with the body and important body signals
– Choosing foods that provide needed nutrients: lean protein, vitamins, minerals
– Proper hydration of the body (drinking water)
– Proper sleep to energize the body
– Securing emotional support via healthy alternative means
– Increased physical movement throughout the day
– Slow eating to savor food flavors
– Enjoying a healthier lifestyle and setting an example for others
Feedback on Results:
“I have made 17 dozen muffins at work and I have not eaten a single one. I’m not remotely interested! I haven’t even eaten a chocolate chip or piece of toasted coconut (our muffin toppings). I am basically only eating vegetables, fruit and nuts. I am not counting calories, I feel full and satisfied and I have lost 3 lbs.”

– Jana, restaurant cook (after one week)This album is specifically intended for use prior to your night’s sleep. It is most effective when used on a regular basis (nightly) for 2-3 weeks. The hypnosis track is approximately 40 minutes duration.